Consultation & Coaching

Consultation & Coaching

Strengths Focused Personal Coaching

Great organizations consistently do one thing very well. They purposefully identify the unique set of talents and strengths in their people. Strengths Focused Coaching is a process that identifies enduring talents through the use of a short but highly reliable assessment. Once an individual’s strengths, communication style and learning preferences are identified, the coaching process builds, refines and aligns these assets with the strengths of other team members and the vision of the organization.

Resiliency Training

Only the most resilient leaders survive the daily onslaught of personal and corporate stressors. Resilience is a personality characteristic that enables individuals to take stress and adversity in stride. Understanding personal resilience is very useful in predicting how one approaches and interprets life experiences and maintains their sense of purpose and wellbeing under difficult circumstances.

Resiliency training is an important aspect of personal coaching and corporate team building because the collaborative strengths of the team can turn a organizational or business disaster into a win for the team.

Problem Focused Individual and Family Consultation, Education and Intervention

Personal and family problems quickly sap time, energy and drain financial and emotional capital. Substance abuse, communication problems and unresolved conflicts can tear families apart. Finding the best course of action is never easy. This is where an objective professional consultation can identify the root of the problem, find resources and create lasting solutions. Personal coaching refines and aligns individual and family strengths which increase resilience, strengthen and enhance relationships.

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